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Insurance Coverage & Pricing

Insurance coverage for LAP-BAND® and Sleeve Gastrectomy depends on your insurance plan. For example, some insurance companies require a patient to be in a medically monitored weight loss program for six months, or longer, prior to surgery. We are happy to help you explore your insurance coverage options.

In order for us to serve you best, please contact the Surgical Weight Loss program coordinator at: (970) 242-9123 to discuss your specific insurance plan.

Self-Pay Discounted Price:

For those whose insurance may not cover the surgery, we offer our patients a very competitive self-pay discounted price of $13,000 for Lap-Band and $17,500 for Sleeve Gastrectomy. Our discounted self-pay price (all covered services must be performed at Community Hospital) includes:
  • Behavioral Health testing and counseling prior to surgery
  • Nutritional counseling prior to surgery
  • Exercise physiology counseling prior to surgery
  • Surgeon, anesthesia and facility fee
  • Behavioral Health counseling for 90 day period following surgery, as needed
  • Nutritional counseling for 90 day period following surgery, as needed
  • Exercise physiology counseling for 90 day period following surgery, as needed
  • Post surgical visits with the surgeon for 3 months
  • Free fills for 6 months following surgery for Lap-Band
  • 90 day membership to Gold's Gym, with two personal trainer visits, (must enroll within 6 months of surgery)
  • Unlimited participation before and after surgery in support group meetings held monthly
  • Free follow up care for 6 months for sleeve gastrectomy

Please call (970) 242-9123 for more information.

Not included in the self-pay discounted price:

The initial screening assessment by the surgeon which is done to make sure the patient is a good candidate for surgery. The cost of this visit is $230 and is often covered by insurance. An upper endoscopy is required prior to sleeve gastrectomy and may or may not be covered by insurance.

Payment of the discounted cash price is due in full prior to surgery.

Please note this is an outpatient procedure price which includes only the above. If additional (non-routine) testing is required, i.e. due to a specific health condition, or there are complications requiring additional care and/or admission to the hospital there may be additional charges.

Additional Financing Options:

We also work with several creditors that can help you finance your weight loss surgery: